Expensive Cycle Tools

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I’m upgrading my #Bianchi Nirone from Veloce 10 Speed to Athena 11 Speed (The Veloce will go onto another of my bikes to replace the Japanese stuff).

Before fitting the 11 Speed Chorus chain I decided to read the enclosed instructions to make sure I get the pin insertion right.  The instructions say that you must use the Campagnolo tool for 11 Speed chains, the UT-CN300.


Campagnolo UT-CN300

Campagnolo UT-CN300

So I had a look online for the tool and you can imagine my shock at the cost – £121.98.  No way was I paying that so it was a search for an alternative.

A quick check of a review on Road.cc and I found that Lezyne make an 11 Speed chain tool that is compatible with Campagnolo 11 Speed chains and the good news it was only £20.98 from Wiggle.

Lezyne 11 Speed chain tool

Lezyne 11 Speed chain tool

I’ve ordered the chain tool and it should arrive next week, so I will be able to get the bike finished.

I’m a Campagnolo enthusiast, and they are not cheat components, but it certainly adds to the cost if they require specialist tools to fit.  Luckily in this case I was able to find a much cheaper alternative.  I wish there was a cheaper priced set of tools available to remove the Athena Power Torque chainset!


The View – Tynemouth Longsands


Decided to have lunch at the beach today so tried out the menu at The View that is down on the beach at Tynemouth Longsands the opposite side from the Priory.

The place was busy. We were met with a warm welcome and only waited a short time to get a table.

As it was before 12 we elected for the breakfast menu. I ordered a large veggie breakfast and Mrs B ordered poached eggs on toast with spinach.

The food arrived quickly and was very nice.


We both had coffee, and although out of a machine, it tasted good.

The veggie choices on the menu were good. It’s a bit pricey (£10 for a veggie burger) but you are paying for the sea view and it was nice inside.

Service was excellent and at £18 for us both we will certainly be going back.

Mac verses PC


Today at work my PC was installing Windows 7 upgrades and was stuck at 15% for over an hour. I resulted to restarting in safe mode to cancel the instal so that I could get some work done. 

Tonight I have installed OS Sierra on my 7 year old iMac. It installed the new OS, with no issues, in 40 minutes and it was free to upgrade. 

No stuck instalation, no constant security patching and no cost. You don’t get that with Windows. 

Gold Success #Rio2016


Fantastic victories in the Omnium for Laura Trott and finished off with a win for Jason Kenny in the Keirin.

They now share 10 gold medals between them with Jason equal to Sir Chris Hoy with 6 and Laura with 4, making her the most successful femal olympian.

I’ve really enjoyed the track cycling events at these games. Congratulations to all those who won medals and to those who gave everything they had in taking part. Thank you for the great entertainment.

Bella in Sella