Bianchi Dave because I ride Bianchi and have Passione Celeste.  I’m the proud owner of a Nirone 7 that I’ve upgraded to Athena 11 Speed.  After-all you can’t ride an Italian steed and have it wearing Japanese jewellery.


I live on the coast in the North East of England.  My interests are:

cycling – early picture of the Nirone before the upgrade process really took-off


coffee – addict.  I love the stuff and I’m the proud owner of a Rancilio Silvia.  I get my coffee from Grumpy Mule who do a home delivery service.

I have Piggin Veggie watching out, making sure the bad-brew demons stay away.



I’m a committed vegetarian for a number of years now.  Love the variation that this diet brings me and have a special fondness for cheesecake and apple pie.

Bella in Sella – Looking good in the saddle